About the Seal

The Sello de Calidad denotes the excellence of the extra virgin olive oils that display it and the authenticity of their uruguayan origin.

With regards to the quality, in order to carry the Sello de Calidad, the extra virgin olive oil produced by members of the Asociación Olivícola Uruguaya (ASOLUR) (Uruguayan Association of Olive-related businessess) are subjected to more exacting parameters than those internationally accepted and established by the International Olive-oil Counsel (IOC). This agency requires that the acidity of extra virgin olive oils be lower than 0.8%.

To merit the Sello de Calidad acidity must be lower than 0.5%, guaranteeing that the oil was made from fresh and healthy olives, harvested in Uruguay, and processed in optimal conditions. Control of compliance with this level of acidity, as well as all other analysis required to characterize olive oil as extra virgin, is carried out by the Laboratories of Fats and Oils and of Sensory Evaluation of the School of Chemistry (UdelaR) in Montevideo.

As for the authenticity of its origin, the Sello de Calidad is granted only to extra virgin olive oil made with olives grown on Uruguayan soil.

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