Parameters and Regulation

The Sello de Calidad, is awarded to Uruguayan extra virgin olive oil brands that comply with the following parameters:

  • They are marketed by members of ASOLUR
  • They are extracted from olives grown in Uruguayan soil
  • The level of acidity does not surpass the 0.5%.
  • Cumplen con la normativa nacional.
  • They comply with all national regulations.
  • They are dully registered and have the corresponding authorizations of the Ministry of Public Health and City Hall.

At the same time, the seal is issued exclusively to extra virgin olive oils that are sold in containers of up to one liter, in bottles of opaque glass or in cans, since these contribute the preservation of the properties of extra virgin olive oil.

In addition, the producer makes a commitment to remove the oil from the point of sale should irregularities be detected.

To inform of any irregular situations regarding a product that exhibits the seal, please contact ASOLUR:

ASOLUR awards the Sello de Calidad and is not responsible for the modifications, alterations or replacements that may take place in the oil after this accreditation is granted.

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