Uruguay Producer

Uruguay is situated between the 30º and the 35º of latitude in the Atlantic coast of South America and offers similar conditions to those of the basin of the Mediterranean, area that produces 90% of the olive oil of the world.

Its geographic characteristics make Uruguay an ideal country for the production of olive oil. The weather and soil allow for a favorable development of the trees, both increasing the growth rate of the plants, and producing extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality.

The Uruguayan olive producing sector started to develop commercially over 70 years ago. In its beginnings there were small local undertakings dedicated to produce oil, but the production took a considerable impulse again starting in 2002, inserting itself naturally in the traditional agricultural business activities of Uruguay.

At present the consumption per person in Uruguay is of 400 ml of olive oil per year, a modest figure if it is compared to the 17 annual liters per person in Greece.

There are currently more than 9,000 hectares of olive trees planted in Uruguay, producing 500,000 liters of olive oil with a projection of more than 10 million annual liters once the trees reach maturity. The country started to export in recent years, and in 2012 exports are consolidating, with Brazil and United States as main destinations.

This Sello de Calidad has the objective of positioning the Uruguayan production of quality olive oils both in the domestic and the international markets.

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